Social Media Marketing

Glasier is a leading social media company based in the United Kingdom, which specialises in various outreach programs on various social media platforms. Search engine platforms like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo have integrated social media activities in their search engine algorithms and defined parameters to rank content. Social media has become an integral part of modern society, and more than 6 hours of daily usage has been found in an average U.S individual.

Glasier is a renowned social media marketing company with extensive knowledge and experience in social media services which helps organisations to implement a robust and active social media strategy for long term growth.


  • Identification and assessment of the target audience/Consumer Persona
  • Creating a practical social media marketing strategy, roadmap, execution plan.
  • Targeting keywords, phrases, and topics relevant to your product/service
  • Monthly scheduled updates, Reporting, Post analytics
  • Comment/Response management
  • Detailed research, tracking, and adapting to online trends
  • Moment Marketing
  • Awareness, engagement and support within the blogging community and forums

Why choose Glasier Inc. UK for Social Media Marketing

Glasier is an award-winning social media management company with clients all around the globe. We have provided outstanding results for our clients by increasing their brand’s presence, trust in the market, and established a seamless communication with the customers. We offer holistic social media campaigns, performance analysis, monthly breakdown of what’s working and what’s not working, ROI on your marketing activity, dedicated account manager to adhere to the roadmap. We consult organizations to help their campaigns reach maximum impressions and clicks.

Result-Oriented Social Media Marketing

Glasier provides Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and other leading social media network services which are used by millions of users on a daily basis. Our approach to social media is research-oriented, backed up by understanding the current trends, competitors strategies, and imbibing to a freshly created social media plan for your organization. Results speak louder than words, and we make sure that our marketing activities help to augment your brand and business.

Attract and Engage Your Audience

Understanding the customer audience is essential before kick starting social media marketing activities. Glasier creates robust audience persona by interviewing potential customers, asking the right questions, and then only starting with the social media campaign by targeting the best audience. We make sure the content is engaging so that users organically can find relevant content aligned to their interests. We understand the brand’s voice and make sure that we communicate it with the audience.

Grow Your Audience

Glasier creates and cultivates an online audience for your brand, products and services. We understand the algorithms used by leading social media platforms and adhere to their guidelines and policies so that the content is reached to the right audience. We make sure to imbibe B2C and B2B strategy accordingly and have different perspectives for both audiences.

Social Media Growth

Glasier social media campaigns target specific geographic locations, audiences and community. Our goal is to drive customers on your social media channels, engage with them, and lead them to the website to explore services or products. Our holistic services include social media management, scheduling, analytics, reporting and more. You can expand your reach by promoting high-quality content and increase visibility across the web. We also create back links so that the content shared on any platform links back to the website and generates more organic traffic for the site.

Improve Site Conversion Rate

Are you getting traffic on the social media pages but are not able to convert them to website traffic? This happens a lot with organisations that are learning that the user is not visiting their website to explore more. Glasier provides robust website audits and creates a well-planned strategy to get more traffic on the site.

Forum/Community Posting

Glasier provides community posting and forum posting by participating in various topics, affiliate brands, products and services in a non-intrusive manner. We make sure we follow community guidelines and engage with the audience seamlessly.

Social Bookmarking

Glasier provides social bookmarking services which clients can also edit, share and bookmark at the same time. We have a directory of top 100 social bookmarking websites to update branded content regularly.

Facebook Page Management

We expertise in the Facebook page for Brands/Businesses and artist management, which includes creating content, scheduling, replying to comments, augmenting the brand as well as reporting on a timely basis.

Twitter Account Management

Global artists, politicians and celebrities use Twitter. It’s a great platform to have a thought-provoking conversation, sharing content in snippets. Glasier caters to Twitter policies and guidelines to create unique content which is short, snappy and quick.

Linkedin Management

Linkedin is a B2B social networking platform used by CXOs, managers, employees and is very famous in the corporate community. Glasier Inc. UK creates robust B2B curated content for the intellectuals on Linkedin and makes sure that your product and services get the reach it deserves.