Facebook Marketing

In the 21st century, when it comes to promoting and advertising a product and services online, Facebook marketing provides a broad set of tools and audience bases according to interests, which helps organizations to perform a laser-focused marketing strategy. At Glasier, we provide business owners strategy and implementation to directly connect with the customers and promote their products and services accordingly. We have years of experience in social media marketing and understand the pulse of the online audience.

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform, with more than 1 billion active users. Since the launch of Facebook,  Facebook has grown four-fold into various media publishing tools and helps its users to convey any content and emotion on the platform.  Facebook lets you post content that includes text, images, videos, GIFs, Polls, Create a group chat with customers, interact with individuals, like, comment, share and analyze your content with visual statistics.

Facebook marketing is cheaper than your newspaper and hoarding advertising and comes under the above the line marketing, which helps you to understand insights, customer behavior, and engagement levels of your content. By having the right strategy in Facebook marketing, it can reap you excellent benefits and help you boost your brand value and business reach.

Facebook Management Services

The Facebook ecosystem is vast, and the Facebook Management Services helps the audience and organizations to maximize the potential of marketing by leaps and bounds. With the help of Glasier, you can open up new opportunities and doors to augment your business. We have a range of specialists that focus on the various features and specialize in Facebook marketing to help your website and business generate the traffic you desire.

Facebook Strategy Development

Every successful campaign starts with a detailed discovery, auditing, and strategizing. At Glasier,  we provide expert Facebook Management services, which includes having a brief questionnaire,  understanding your requirements,  social audit, a conference call with all the stakeholders as well as exploring with independent research means. Our Facebook specialists help you accomplish your business goals by creative content and implement various strategies to attract followers and help you boost your brand with a high engagement level.

Facebook Content Creation

Facebook is a visual platform. At Glasier, we help you to create alluring content with unique copy writing, non-plagiarized content, creative images, and videos to help your audience understand your brand in a better way. Glasier ensures the highest level of satisfaction and follows various frameworks and content calendars to stay up to the mark and audit any content before publishing. We also use tools to schedule social media content to cater to different geographical locations and time zones.

Facebook Page Growth

Facebook pages are the official face for businesses to post content and make announcements of new products and services.  Glasier’s Facebook management team extensively works on building engaging content and gaining followers.  Facebook has an Ad platform, in which you can also post paid ads as well as organic posts.  Our growth hackers have multiple techniques that help organizations to leverage paid advertising with a higher Return on Investment. We ensure to provide low-cost ads that have the maximum reach in the targeted geographical location and ensures that it reaches the relevant customer audience.

Facebook Monitoring

Marketing activities are worthless without monitoring and audit. Glasier provides daily monitoring services for Facebook pages, groups, and profiles. We help you to automate audience management, which includes comments, responding to messages from your business page and reply to Facebook reviews. We have a fantastic response time and provide daily monitoring on regular business hours or within 24 hours of the engagement.

Facebook Reporting

Glasier’s Facebook marketing is result-oriented.  We also provide robust analytics to help you strategize the next quarter and plan marketing activities accordingly. We provide progress reports, multiple data points, key metrics, and key performance indicators associated with your page and campaign.  Glasier’s experts offer comprehensive reports monthly.

Paid Ads 

Facebook Paid Ads continuously provide the highest return on investment. It gives the most number of likes, comments, and responses regarding the product and services, compared to other organic promotion methods.

User Engagement

We provide enhanced user engagement to promote businesses to unlock larger audiences and communicate with them efficiently. We help companies to unlock new markets and connect with the audience on a personal level.

Increase Conversion Rates

Glasier increases the post to reach and conversion rates by paid and non paid advertising options.  We open new avenues and opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow sales and help them achieve high conversion rates.

Brand Awareness

Glasier aims to deliver excellent brand awareness to the audience when it comes to a successful Facebook campaign, which helps to grow traffic and brand’s goodwill.

Lead Generation

Our robust lead generation strategies help businesses to target audiences at a microscopic level, which leads to business inquiries, leads, sales, and prospects. We help companies to guide through this journey to achieve optimum marketing automation.