Android App Development

Glasier is an

Android app development company

 that provides state of the art mobile apps through outstanding skills, dedication, and extraordinary work. Android is one of the most used operating systems worldwide and currently supports more than 24,000 smartphones. Glasier is an innovator when it comes to creating Android apps that are scalable, robust, secure, and user-friendly.

Glasier is well-recognized across the United Kingdom for the Android app development, and we have been very flexible throughout these years. We assign the same reliability and sincerity in all of our Android applications and ensure that your App stands out in the Play store market.


Our software developers, project managers, business analysts, and quality engineers are highly talented in creating and managing high-quality Android applications by using modern technologies like Android SDK, location-based API, sensors media API, open GL graphics, robust security architecture, and visually stunning user interface.

Why choose Glasier?

We incorporate the Agile development methodology and have flexible communication models according to clients’ requirements. We aim for a 5-star rating on the Google Play Store and make sure that all our team members provide seamless assistance through email, phone, chat, and Skype throughout the development cycle. We make sure that your concept is fulfilled, and you achieve new heights in your business vertical. We are an affordable pricing development company in the UK that has extensive experience in building custom android app solutions.

Tools that we use for Android Application Development:

  • Advance Java
  • Eclipse
  • Kotlin
  • Android SDK
  • Android Emulator
  • Sqlite3

Frameworks for Android Application Development used:

  • jQuery Mobile
  • Dojo Mobile
  • Xamarin
  • SenchaTouch2
  • Appcelerator
  • Corona SDK
  • Phonegap
  • Titanium SDK

Glasier’s Process for Android Application Development

  1. Idea Exploration & Conceptualization
  2. App Prototyping & Wireframing
  3. App User Interface Graphic Design
  4. App Development and Quality Assurance
  5. App Release Management
  6. App Maintenance and Support

UK’s Leading Android App Development Company

Glasier is a UK based app development company based out of London that delivers user-friendly Android applications, which can help to boost your business revenue by using the latest technology. Our developers have immense experience in native programming languages like Kotlin, Java as well as cross-platform programming languages such as Ionic, Flutter and React Native. Android app development solutions range from various sectors, which include social media, healthcare, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, education, and corporate.

Solid Code base. Deliver Delightful experience 

We have a team of full-stack end to end android developers who deeply understand the life cycle of Android development and have launched more than 100s of apps on the Android Play Store. Our Apps use the best tech stack to create intuitive applications and aim for million downloads on Google Play Store.

Beyond Apps

The Android ecosystem has surpassed mobile interface and is now also omnipresent in tablets, televisions, cars, and wearable. We do not limit ourselves to smartphones, and our portfolio expertise ranges in different Android devices which include: 

  • Androids Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Android TV
  • Android Wearable
  • Android Auto

Our Process

We ensure that the mobile app development incorporates seamless design experiences that are aligned with the user’s expectations and requirements. We have a seven-step process for Android app development:

1. Discovery and requirement analysis

In this stage, we have a meeting with the client and document their requirements, ideas, needs, problems, solutions, existing competitors, stakeholders, market analysis, technical feasibility, and the business model. 

2. UI/UX Design

Once we understand your detailed requirements, we start the wireframing and concept design process, which makes sure that the client and team are on the same page. With this, we give you a visual overview of the final application, including visual interface design and micro-interactions. 

3. Architecture

The third step to define the MVC module, define the software architecture, create frameworks, network layers, database layer, and information architecture so that the app has a robust foundation from the beginning.

4. Development

Post that, we start with the front end development, integration of frontend to backend development, functionality development, code review, and unit testing. This is probably the longest process and requires multiple team members to collaborate and create a technologically sound solution.

5. Quality Assurance 

Every micro service in the mobile application requires detailed Quality Assurance and rigorous testing, which includes functional integration, usability, and performance testing on real users and actual devices.

6. Play store Submission

Once the mobile application is developed and tested, we continue with the Play Store submission. We also consult in enterprise distribution of apps, adhere to kids and parental norms on Play Store, and create design assets for app submission. 

7. Supporting the future of Android

The future of Android relies on Augmented reality, wearable, and Smart TV. We leverage the power of multiple technologies to create a fully integrated app, integrate the dynamics of social media, encourage engagement and participation among the users. 

From mobile video applications, eCommerce applications to receiving and making payments on payment portal, travel bookings, and digital reservations on the Android platform, we at Glasier provides technology solutions to all types of enterprises that are budget-friendly. We also expertise in:

  1. MDM Integration
  2. GPS Integration
  3. Payment Gateway
  4. Porting & Migration
  5. Wearable Integration
  6. 3rd Party Integration
  7. Custom API Integration
  8. Beacon
  9. XMPP Chat Server
  10. Audio/ Video Live Streaming


Glasier Inc. is the best android web development company in UK I have ever worked with. My android application is exactly what I wanted for my restaurant. Glasier helped me to open up lots more possibilities with my android application. Great project management with the delivery of desired results.

Ethan Wilson

We contacted Glasier Inc. for android application development, and the app was successfully launched on play store as per our expectations. I had great pleasure to work with the highly efficient team of android developers. Additionally, they were timely in getting deliverables to us.

Samuel Edwards